1. TrxZrr

    Gaming Looking For A Collab On PC/ A Trickshotting Clan/Goup

    PC games I have Minecraft, COD BO3, Gmod, TABZ, WarFrame, Air Brawl, Fistful Of Frags and Fortnite Battle Royal! get in contact with me! my Discord is TrxTrr #3812 if I don't answer to your friend request give me time things I want from a collab -Preferably if he/she does not swear its ok if...
  2. C

    Gaming A

  3. S

    Playlists Don't Play

    For the last week or so, youtube playlists won't play past the first video. You see, at night, I need noise to sleep. So, most least until recently, I put on a playlist on youtube on my PS3. But one night, I was woken up when the sound stopped. I restarted the video and went to the...
  4. F

    Youtube on PS3

    Hi Im not a gamer and got a PS3 for free from a friend. I use the console to watch and listen to music on youtube, but when i have found a video i like, its not possible to save it to some of my playlists on youtube Fredrik
  5. IAmTheBossLady

    Gaming Collaberation

    Hello everyone I am looking for someone who knows how to edit(or knows a little bit about editing) to collab with me in making a gaming YouTube channel! I have 73 subs already no videos anymore(deleted) but i really enjoy playing video games and would also love to have new people to play with...
  6. Z

    Gaming Looking for other Pc / PS3 Gamers...

    I want to make some videos on PC or PS3. Some games I play are : Minecraft (PC, PS3) Portal 2 (PC, PS3) Terraria (PC) Paladins (PC) Tanki Online (Web, PC) Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (PS3) and more! I hope we can make good videos, And have a good day, Zeref
  7. MartyTinus

    Gaming PS3 Users?

    Are there YouTubers out there who want to make collaboration video's, but only have "good" games on a PS3?
  8. Michael Copeland

    Gaming People to play Black Ops and Other Games

    I just recently bought Call of Duty Black Ops on PlayStation 3 recently and I am looking for people play free for all and zombies and other hame modes. Here are some requirement: - Age: 18+ - Dosent take things seriously (especially in Black Ops) - Have a PlayStation 3. - Have Skype If...
  9. GiftedMindSet

    Gaming Ps3 Gaming Collab

    I Need YT Partner To Do YT Videos With On Ps3.Games Will Be Mw3 Bo1,BF3,And Gtav.Reply If Intersted Also Sub To Gifted Mindset.
  10. O

    Gaming PS3 Collab

    Hey Guys I'm a new YouTube and I don't have a lot of subs :( My videos had bad quality but now I know how to make it better, any ways I have a PS3 and would like people to collab on Minecraft, FIFA 15 or other games (Comment what kind of games you have so I could check if I have them :) I...
  11. Anibal

    Gaming PS3 collaboration

    I am of course a gaming YouTuber that wants to collaborate in gaming content such as funny moments, montages, etc. The games that I play are GTA5,BO2,AW,and Injustice You must have a mic or a skype account and to also be at least 13 and up PSN/playstation name: anibalprokilla Twitter...
  12. Juniorfmrad

    Gaming GTA 5 PS3 YT Video Collab (& Maybe Gaming Crew)

    Hey, Basically I Have No Subscribers Or Views. I Have A PS3 And I Want To Collab With People And Upload A Video Where Were Playing Together. And Maybe Start A Small Gaming Crew And Grow Together. If You Have Any Questions About Me, Any Skill Or My Youtube, Feel Free To Ask! Thank You.
  13. Horizon247

    Gaming Any body still on PS3 collab with me..!!!

    Any body still on PS3... Looking For>>>> Gamers that really like to play and enjoys being recorded or wants to record with me side-by-side. Just come on here and leave a note... SERIOUSLY LEAVE A NOTE :) Game that I play: GTA V Destiny Borderlands 2 NBA 2k15 there lots of game out there that I...
  14. carlo202

    Gaming Who wants to do like a sidemen group

    I have a pc, Xbox360, Ps3 and I'm getting Ps4 in 14 days I have a Elgato HD60 Game Capture (but not bothered what game capture you have) I want to create like a Sidemen group where we play like random games on Xbox360/pc/Ps3/Ps4 and possibly other consles :) :help:
  15. MythicalTaco

    Gaming PS3 Collab ! No amount of subs.

    So if you want to collab with me.leave your psn down below or Skype ( But you gotta have a mic ). I have bo2, minecraft, battlefield 4, cod ghosts, mw3, fifa 15, and gta 4. Don'nt worry i'm always active and i'll get to you as fast as i can! :)
  16. Deltoy

    Fake Pranks and Setup Freakouts (McJuggerNuggets)

    McJuggerNuggets is the most famous staged channel recently. It's obvious he's staging his videos with every exposed video you watch. But this is not what I wanted to talk about. -- He uses kids for fan-mail. He's said himself that the videos are real, making most of his fanbase; kids believing...
  17. TTC

    Gaming Ps3 Gaming Collab!?

    Im looking for someone to collab with i play on the ps3 and i can play pretty much any game, i mainly play Cods and minecraft, im currently at 207 subs while typing this im 16 (Birtish) and currently at 19k views, just looking for someone to make videos with :) , if you are intrested contact me...
  18. Ben Hands

    Alone in The Dark (2008) - BigBadBen

    ➤ Join Me! - Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Here's a reupload of a video I made back in June! Prove that I didn't follow my upload pattern very well! This video is about the 2008 Game Alone in the Dark which was re-released for the PS3 and it was pretty decent for a ported game...