product review

  1. OndaWire

    New NFC Sport connect Headphones and they work!

    So these NFC sport headphones were sent to me by AWEI to review and that's what I did! :dance: Check out the video and the honesty and tell me what you think. :up2:
  2. KopiPengz

    Other Looking for Someone to do Product Reviews

    Hi Youtubers! I'm looking for someone to help me do a product review on my wireless Multi Device Mouse and keyboard that can connect to multiple devices. I'm willing to send you free products to do the video. Please contact me @ Cheers!
  3. Olivea-Sea

    Pointers welcome!

    Hi everyone so recently I've started uploading twice a week plus I'm fiddling around with my edit strategy. I'm trying to find a balance between talking and showing during my video's. I hope you guys can enjoy this video and maybe have some pointers on what I can refine!? Lime Crime Product...
  4. jslreview

    Need people to review my review!!

    This is my very first video for my very first YouTube channel. Totally welcome any feedback, tips, etc. from anyone. Thanks!
  5. AJ Super ToyLand

    Lighting for Product Reviews

    Hi Ya'll, I do product reviews but I find the whole lighting thing difficult. I've got about 4800 lumens over three lamps plus the original room light. However, the video still seems dark. The only thing that works is adjusting the brightness on the camera. The downfall of there though is that...
  6. xingcat

    Men's Long Hair: Product Review, Hair Ties for Guys

    My first product review in a really long time. I review a premium hair tie product that's offered by another YouTube channel.
  7. TechSquizz

    Our Latest & BEST video - What do you think?

    Look we started a new channel. We have no subscribers and we are starting from the bottom. My other channel had 120 but we thought we needed to start fresh with a new name that is marketable and stick to a schedule of uploading regularly and also commit to a format and making everything uniform...
  8. TechSquizz

    Razer Naga Epic Chroma Mouse Review

    Razer Naga Epic Chroma Wireless Gaming Mouse Review Jai reviews and shares his thoughts about the Razers Naga Epic Chroma wireless gaming mouse. He gives it a hammering at some points. This is an honest review! It was also the first time Jai had used a teleprompter, he enjoyed it and it saved...