1. T

    Commentary Political commentary and analysis

    Hi to anyone that reads this, I found this site purely by accident. I present my own YouTube analysis show, now with 200 subs and still in its infancy. Politics can, I guess be boring sometimes. But I present it in an honest way. Things do need to change for the next generation. The channel gets...
  2. Digital Puppets

    Services Live Cartoon YouTube Presenters

    Digital Puppets My Animation studio has started a new service Creating Digital Puppets that can be used to present shows on your youtube channels. Using Adobe Character Animator we are offering to supply Fully rigged Custom Cartoon designs that you can animate yourself using a webcam, these...
  3. Brad Schooner

    Other Female presenter for wanted or self help videos

    Hi, I am looking for a female presenter for self help videos. Must be interested in the subject, be confident and clear speech. Looking to use for online course on self development etc. Must be 18+. If at all interested in doing a project/business like this please get in touch. Thank you Brad :)