prank collab

  1. C

    Other IRL content creators in Ontario, Canada

    Hey y’all, I’m a 19 year old dude in Barrie Ontario looking to collab with anyone doing IRL content weather that’s Pranks, Sports, Vlogs, anything else. I’m willing to travel if you’re a reasonable distance. Lemme know if you’re in my area and looking to do some vids. :)
  2. Martika

    Vlog Houston Newbie looking to collab online. Lets do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, and more.

    Houston TX Newbie looking to collab online/in person. Let's get together to do Challenges, Vlogs, Pranks, Q&A, and more. I'm a single mom looking to build a friendship via YT or in person. Let's get creative, have fun, and build a family you guys. Open to suggestion. Lets work together. XO
  3. Louor

    Comedy Looking for Pranksters 500-1K subs

    Hey, my channel is one year old, and we're now at 500+ subs. We're looking for pranksters in the tri-state area (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania). Comment down below if you're interested! The channel name is Louor
  4. Frankie95


    Hellp, My name is Faisal, my channel is FrankobizTV. I'm looking to collab with someone who is also as determined as I am on Youtube. I have an idea for a prank in which I believe has never been done before on youtube. I will not be talking about the idea publicly here but I am willing to...
  5. FrillzTV

    Comedy Looking to Collab w/ other Youtubers in Southern California

    Yo whats up! Thanks for checking out my post. My name is David and I have a youtube channel called FrillzTV. I mostly upload funny awkward public social interactions (some call them pranks) and i'm going to start doing skits as well. I want to work with other youtubers in the area who have some...
  6. GilstrapTV

    Comedy Arizona Prank/Comedy Collaboration

    Hello, I started my YouTube channel 2 months ago and I Love it! The only problem I have run into is that its hard with only one person at times. I was curious if there is anyone else in Arizona (I do not mind driving) that would be interested in collaborating at least every other week. We could...
  7. dumbotv

    Comedy Let's Make A Halloween Prank Together!

    Hello guys, Jaryd here from DumboTV. It's almost Halloween so I would like to make a Halloween prank together with other prank(st)ers. Tell me where you would like to do this prank, I live in Belgium, so keep it in distance. Stay awesome!