1. G

    Share Your Most Successful Video Post on YTtalk

    Let us know which video link made it to the top of the mountain from sharing it on YTtalk. FYI I'm new on here .... just wondering haha
  2. M

    Video views aren't rising?

    Hey guys, so I was looking through my videos today and I noticed that certain videos have almost no views. I understand that some videos will of course be more popular than others, but I didn't realize there would be such a huge difference. Example: I uploaded a video this morning and it's...
  3. ProfessionalRik

    Increased Popularity Outside Home Region

    I've noticed that I'm more popular in other parts of the world than in the States. Not complaining; just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if anyone can think of a way I can build on this potential fan-base. Back when I was on twitch regularly, my most active follower was...
  4. ToxicGaming

    How many subscribers have you got?

    this is purely out of interest. and i would like to know how popular you are!
  5. F

    Help- Sudden Slow Channel Growth?

    Hi, everyone. I have a growing channel that recently hit 400,000 subscribers and then the growth seemed to totally stagnate and I just can't seem to figure it out, and I don't know how concerned I should be. I have months of "massive" growth followed by major slows. Throwing some analytics your...