poor video performance

  1. VRONA

    Looking for ideas -4 Years on YouTube

    In a few days time, my channel will be on 4 years old. 4 years of making videos. It's just such a crazy thought to me. Yet it also saddens me, as it made me think of how unsuccesful things have been. Things started off really well, with hundreds of views per video, yet it slowly went down to...
  2. avrona

    How Can I Promote My Channel More?

    So I've been doing YouTube for 3 and a half years, yet I only get around 12 views per video, so I really want to do more promotion, but no matter where I look, I just find things I already do. So any more ideas anyone?
  3. AM2PM

    Reiview our latest video - Why is it performing so poorly?

    This is the latest Twin Versus Twin. We released it Monday night and hoped the start of the NFL season might help but it's performance has been miserable. Haven't even broken 100 views. I added a teaser clip at the beginning that we hadn't done before and tried to make the sound and lighting...
  4. AM2PM

    Do you believe in the YouTube algorithm?

    I listened to Tim Schmoyer's podcast with Matt Geiler recently where they discussed the algorithm. I'm wondering if you guys believe it? I feel like I'm being affected by it. At least one part they discussed where poorly performing videos affect the ones that come after. It certainly makes sense...