1. MasterDF

    Reading Green-text Poop Stories

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  2. MaryCrockett

    Funny Poop Emoji

    Make sure you watch all the way threw to see the funny poop emoji. Daniel did it. He pooped a penny.. Subscribe to our channel
  3. crackbot72

    youtube poop

    So i haven't seen anybody who does ytp here for the entire time ive been here, and i was just wondering if anyone here does. Has anyone here ever done ytp? also if your bored, what are your thoughts on those types of videos? i personally love them.
  4. Bert McCert

    Poop In My Soup.

  5. Crazychrain


    Funny (and gross) life story.
  6. Crazychrain

    Running Through Poop (Funny Life Story)