1. courtneyandderrick

    How To Grow Your Channel - Poll

    Let us know the best sources you use to expand your YouTube audience/grow your channel!
  2. D

    Voice Acting Voice genders in videos Poll

    If you were watching Youtube videos for a very gender-neutral kind of video game, like Astroneer for instance. Would you care if: It was narrated by the voice of a young woman? Or, would you prefer that of a young man? Or it would not make a difference to you? Thanks in advance guys/gals DPC
  3. Paranoia_Origins

    Vote On Games "YOU" All Would Like to See Me Live Stream/Record/Edit/Upload Onto My YouTube Channel

    This is all the games i currently have to play on my PS4 now with that said i will live stream/upload games to my channel from the most wanted to the least. So I really thank everyone taking part in this poll it will really help me grown an audience for my youtube gaming channel now you can ask...
  4. KantoGaming

    Do you show your sub count??

    Im just curious. I just turned mine off for the first time to do a test and see if I'll get more views/subs because people don't know how many subs I already have. I've heard a lot of people say that other people can be turned away from a channel just because of your sub count. So, do you...
  5. TheMix

    IRL or Gaming??

    Personally I prefer IRL(In Real Life) videos but clearly many people enjoy gaming more.I wanted to see what the community thought and where I stand with my opinion!
  6. Sam Wolfie

    Help on my Minecraft series

    Hey I just am looking for some advice on which type of minecraft videos you guys like watching the most.