political channel

  1. Jack Decker

    Question: How to do a political movement channel?

    I am thinking of doing a political movement channel AFTER the US election. Does anyone know of current YouTube channels whose niche is a political movement? I would like to look them over to get ideas. So far I cannot find any. TONS for political candidates and TONS for political commentary...
  2. Sammie

    How can I improve my new series

    My newest series is called Conservative thoughts and I am currently In the editing process of my next video for the series. What should I do to improve the quality and keep people engaged in the content. (The video is also the newest video I have uploaded to date) Any Little bit of criticism...
  3. Nuance_Beast

    Commentary Political youtuber looking for larger youtuber.

    I post political and philosophical videos on my youtube channel and i am currently looking for another larger youtuber who may be willing to start a podcast with me.