1. Stoner Gamer

    Daddy and Son Gaming on Fifa 19

    New video playing Fifa 19 with my 6 year old son.
  2. Razolion

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators that will match my idea

    Hi, my name is Joe and I call my self Razolion on my channel. I have 46 subscribers that I gain in a month. I play games and take 2 videos per week. I am age of 14 and looking for collab who is under 16 years old. I play games wiith my friends like idiots, so if you are interested in...
  3. terror569

    Playing PokemonGO On iPhone 4?!?!

    well as the title say? :D
  4. Blitzerman

    50 Subs and 7250 views!!

    So guys i've been playing this youtube game for years now! Somewhat on and off however! But rececently with more frequent uploads and a much bettter quality of video i find i am finally (VERY SLOWLY) gaining views and subs! Which is obviously fantastic and further concretes the satisfaction...
  5. Shadow Major

    DECK REVIEW: BICYCLE STANDARD Gotta love a classic!

    A brand new playlist guys! I'm starting up Deck Reviews! I have about 30 different decks of cards, so It really makes sense if i show them to you guys, give you my opinion on them to you, in case any of you want to buy them! But I couldn't start any other way than going with the classics that...