1. J

    Other sphynx kittens for sale

    We have absolutely stunning litter of girls and boys of pure beauty Sphynx kittens. They are perfectly content curled up on your lap! More than just cats, they are members of the family and whilst they exude grace and sophistication, they are outgoing, sociable and playful. Kittens are...
  2. MasterDF

    New member of our family!

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  3. MasterDF

    New member of our family!

    Check out my new video! Let me know what you think!
  4. O

    Vlog Starting a new exiting vlog - HELP NEEDED!

    Hello guys thanks for taking the time out of your day to see if you can be of assistance. A few friends and started a business in an exotic pet market about a year prior. We'd also like to get a vlog started to increase our customer base and to provide more content to our fans. We have...
  5. Scandinavian Freckles


    So I have talked about my dogs more than any other thing in my videos so I thought it was time to introduce them formally to you, although they arent really happy to be on camera !!
  6. FloFloBear

    Birthday surprise: Almond and Pancake the Guinea Pigs

    Hi! It's been a few months since I last uploaded anything, but I have been very busy finishing University. I am back now and I have a really cute video to share with everyone :) Hope you enjoy watching and it makes you smile. Let me know what you think!
  7. Rolz

    The Dynamic Duo are back at it !

    Hey guys, here's my latest video :) Messi and Hulk are back at it, here to brighten your day in regular speed and slo-mo! Sit back relax and enjoy! ‪ Be sure to check out my previous video for deets on how to enter my giveaway! If you're a gamer I recommend checking it out :) thanks and enjoy! :D
  8. P

    Vlog Animal Charity Looking for pet loving UK Vlogger to be our YouTUbe Ambassador

    Hi All, We're a leading animal welfare charity, looking to find a UK based Vlogger (ideally based around South East/London area) who is passionate about animal welfare to join our ranks as our YouTube Ambassador. You would be the face of our channel and present centre tours, upcoming campaigns...
  9. Rolz

    M&H are back at it!

    Hi guys, check out my latest video with my 2 yorkies, Messi and Hulk - they make me smile and I hope they can make you do the same! Also I make an important announcement regarding the next video! :D
  10. Rolz

    Voiceover or nah?

    Hi guys, I recently posted my first video of my 2 dogs, they are yorkies :) I was just wondering whether I should have music in background (like it currently has) or should I rather talk over the footage?
  11. Rolz

    Here they are, in all their glory

    Checkout my two yorkies! Love them and hopefully they can make you smile!
  12. SeanFace101

    Jak's 2 Budgies - Bella and Jinky

    Bella and Jinky the Budgies.. Here is a quick videos of my son's two budgies called Jinky & Bella. :D
  13. SeanFace101

    My Friend's Budgies - Cheeky / Charlie

    Mick's Budgies - Cheeky & Charlie These 2 budgies I recorded this video of when I was in my friend Mick Ford's house (well, his Gran's house). There names are Cheeky and Charlie.
  14. MVP Border Collie

    Meet Up/Gathering Dog Collaboration

    Anyone who has a dog related YouTube channel and/or makes dog videos and would like to collaborate and share some ideas in the Georgia area, please reach out to me at P.S. You don't have to live in Georgia to share ideas. We can still communicate in other ways to do that.
  15. SeanFace101

    My Blue Acara (Central/South American Cichlid)

    This is my Central / South American Cichlid and is a Blue Acara. :D
  16. SeanFace101

    Ramshorn Snails Eating Bloodworms

    My Ramshorn Snails Having Lunch.. Check out my Ramshorn Snails eating away at their Bloodworm lunch! I'v had these snails for a good while. I started with 3 of the bigger ones then after their breeding I ended up with many more. In this video you will get a little quick look at my Red...
  17. SeanFace101

    Doing The Airplane To Feed My Rottweiler!

    Sheree doing the Airplane to feed my rottweiler Kiya with a fork. :bounce::wavespin: lol :woot2:
  18. darkstarmedia

    OSCAR | A Film For Katharina

    Last month, a friend and I were invited up to Cornwall to capture some final moments between our friend Katharina and her dog, Oscar - who is dying. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness in late 2015, so I put this video together in his honour. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I...
  19. Sleazoid

    Dog channel here looking for feedbacks!

    Hey there! Well, i'm making some changes to my channel and i'd like to get some advices and feedbacks. What do you think about the channel art? Should i keep it like this or should i use this one: ? Do you think the tags are ok? Too much tags maybe? Well, every feedback/advice is welcome (and...
  20. SeanFace101

    My new very young Albino Cory (Corydoras) Catfish

    These are three short little videos of my new acquired Albino Cory (Corydoras) Catfish. As you can see in the videos, they are very young and have a lot of growing to do. What do you all think?