1. mommoments

    5 Ways to connect to your child with ADHD

    11 Years. ELEVEN YEARS! I have been struggling to understand and connect with my son for 11 years and we have FINALLY found some common ground. Children with ADHD are often looked at by other children their age as different or odd. Sadly, many adults have these feelings as well if they have no...
  2. A

    Should I follow my dreams even if my parents are against it?

    So i've been doing YouTube for about 4 months and I have 428 subscribers. This is great and all, and this might come off a bit greedy, but I want MORE. I am a very humble person and I feel like there is so much I could offer to the YouTube community. The only problem is, my parents are totally...
  3. Dadrules

    Dadrules goes shopping

  4. GarciasWorld

    This is Why Mom's Nag

    This is Why Mom's Nag - My name is Kate and I am a mom. Instead of doing work this morning, I made a SHORT Mommy Video. It's under 2 minutes because I know we have short attention spans. If you get a chance, take a look & give me any feedback/critics. =-) My channel is pretty new. Thanks! Oh...
  5. MaryCrockett

    Horse Riding Fail and Fall

    Larissa did a emergency dismount when her horse decided to lay down. Thank you for watching Subscribe to our channel and give Larissa a thumbs up for diving off the horse
  6. MaryCrockett

    Baby Swallowed What??

    I can not believe our day. Thank you for watching and subscribe to our channel
  7. MaryCrockett

    Homeschool Day in the Life

    Come spend a day in the life of our hoeschool day. Thank you for watching and subscribe to our channel.
  8. Ashley_MarieXO

    Other Looking for parents to collab with!

    Hello everyone! Looking for some moms and/or dads to collab with. A couple of video ideas that I had in mind were what are your favorite baby/toddler products, worst baby/toddler products or just a parenting advice video. If you have any suggestions, that's fine too! My channel is a vlogging...
  9. Joeowens1

    How to prevent your daughter from growing up too fast.

    Check out my latest video
  10. Chris and Nima

    Any tips would be helpful.

    I haven't been doing this very long and know I have a lot to learn still. I am very open to feedback a lot of my videos are practice but if you would check one out that has over 100 views and give me some feedback I would love it. Thanks ;)