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    Finally bringing you guys back some Outlast. Such a great game and I am having so much fun playing it, go check it out if you would like and watch me scream.
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    New episode of outlast out now go give it a look!!
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    New episode of Outlast up now!! Go check it out and leave some feedback!!
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    Go check out my latest video of outlast!!! Also leave some feedback and let me know what you think of the video and the channel :)
  5. LCGaming

    I Have Never Sweat So Much In My Life

    New episode of outlast out now would appreciate if you go check it out and leave some feedback about what you think about it. I apologize for the mic quality, I did not realize how bad it would be without the pop filter. The audio will be better in the next part :)
  6. LCGaming

    This game is getting weird??

    Hey guys, just posted another outlast video on the channel. Would love for you guys to go check it out and leave some feedback and sub if you guys like what you see!! :)
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    Outlast Part 2!!

    Next part of this outlast series is out. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. LCGaming

    New Horror Series!!!!

    New Outlast horror series by yours truly, Jordan!! Go check it out and join me as I cry my way through this game! :)
  9. ResidualPirate

    YO I CAN'T EVEN BRUH | OUTLAST PS4 Playthrough #1

    OUTLAST playthrough #1 Feel free to like/comment/subscribe and let me know what you think Hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks
  10. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Final Episode | Lucifer's Son

    This is the Outlast 2 Ending, Finale, Final Episode of this amazing series wher i for one had so much fun and scares along the way, thank you guys so much for hanging in there and the awesome support through out every outlast 2 gameplay video, we find Lynn, but now we have to escape. will we...
  11. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Val Is Seducing Me

    in this Outlast 2 gameplay we continue through the mines where more scary monsters and chases await us as we try to find a way out of this place, this time we don't go to the school but it gets scary enough in the mines where we don't need to, we also meet up with val along the way, he seems to...
  12. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Running For My Life...Again

    It's time to run for our life once again, what's new right? in this outlast 2 gameplay video we continue from the school this time we see a bit more of how Jessica might have been murdered, along the way something is trying to stop us and chase us until we die, things also get intense in Arizona...
  13. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 - Tongue Action

    That's right you guys we get some tongue action on this outlast 2 gameplay, the scares continue don't worry, lol. We find the raft we almost lost, have flashbacks to the school and the scalled camp. Things get scary quick, intense chases and a whole lot of fun to be had in this outlast 2 video
  14. Humor Hub

    Outlast 2| DEMOlition

    Hey guys! I hope you enjoy our latest video!
  15. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Skull Island

    In this Outlast 2 Let's Play - We continue after having to have used a rope to escape the Scalled trying to kill us and find a river where we must travel alone and in the dark, we have a flashback to the school and we then end up in skull island where many dead are spiked as a warning or...
  16. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Buried Alive

    Oh no....buried alive? that's right you guys we get buried alive in this outlast 2 gameplay, as we move forward in the game we are still finding our way out of this scalled village including trying to escape from laird and nick, and along the way we get buried watch how it happens in this...
  17. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Terror In The Scalled Village

    Hello everybody Outlast 2 is back this time we travel through the Scalled Village where so many people are infected by something unknown to us at this point. watch how the people here ended up almost like a zombie, very crazy. get ready for more scares, intense moments and running for our life...
  18. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | When Will The Scares End?

    This is Part 8 of our Outlast 2 Gameplay where we find our way towards the Mine but there's a strange surprise waiting for us as we travel between Worlds and end up in the creepy school of horrors once again. We do our best to travel in this scary school but the forcrs of evil may be too much...
  19. AMX Gaming

    Never Trust The Dude With The Knife | Outlast 2 - Part 2 (Full Game)

    We go deeper in the scary small town where everyone is insane and wants to kill me, there's a reason why you never trust the dude with the knife, find out why lol. we also reach a creepy church run by Satan's disciple and finally meet up with our lost friend Lynn, will she be alright or is...
  20. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | I Found The Devil

    The wait is over Outlast 2 is finally here, this is part one where we get the story on how we ended up on creepy Arizona where insane cult people live, as a dedicated report we investigate a report and realize we have made a big mistake as we have to deal with the devil himself. Outlast 2 | I...
  21. BG Crew

    Outlast #9: Chunky like my body!

    Are you satisfied being a person?
  22. BG Crew

    Outlast #8: He's naked and he's gonna get ya!

    Don't drop the soap...
  23. BG Crew

    Outlast #7: IT'S A PANTS OFF DANCE OFF!!!

    And that's the way the s**t crumbles.
  24. BG Crew

    Outlast #5: Use your map?

    Stab him in the big toe
  25. Z

    Horror Let's Play without a facecam?

    So I want something to freshen up my channel a bit, appeal to a different audience. I'm kinda hyped for Outlast II, so I'm well into the idea of Let's Playing the first one, heavily edited down into 10-15 minute videos you know? That's great, but I don't use a face cam. The main reason is that...
  26. AMX Gaming

    Best Of Outlast Compilation: Scary, Funny, Fails, Jumpscares, Best Moments

    This is what i believe some of the best of outlast compilation including scary, funny, fails, jumpscares, and best moments. Some of my very first gameplays are in this video it was kinda fun to re visit how i began my first videos and to see the improvements made along the way Thank You For...
  27. BG Crew

    Belligerent Gamezing: Outlast #1 - We have a new diet for you.

    Time for mozzarella and a shot of olive oil. Guaranteed weight loss.
  28. JayPlaysOfficial

    Lets Play | Outlast | #2 | THIS IS TERRIFYING!!

    Welcome back to another episode of Outlast! in this episode, we was on a journey to reboot the generator in the basement, but we was not alone...
  29. ProfessionalRik

    JUMPSCARE ORIGINS [First Let's Play Back]

    Welcome! This is my first Let's Play back in a while, since I decided to start making Gaming News. This is Outlast, part 1! Enjoy!
  30. OniMarku

    What do you look for in a YouTuber?

    So I love making content, I do LoL vids and right now a lets play Outlast, I enjoy every second even tho Outlast scares me all most to death lol, what do you want in a YouTuber?