1. syla

    How long will I succeed in YouTube?

    Dear Member, I wanna know some clear detail about how long can i succeed with my YouTube Channel. now I wanna create a new Youtube Channel relate to Cooking Channel, and one more is Origami Folding paper, So which ideas should I choose and How can I get succeed with it? Appreciate for your...
  2. EzyCraft

    Other Craft DIY channel looking to collab

    Hi there, I am the host of the youtube channel EzyCraft. My channel mainly focuses on cards, paper crafts and decor. I am looking to establish a collaborative idea with another DIY crafter who is interested in making videos together, mentioning each other in collaboration, or featuring each...
  3. zaffron

    How to make paper photo frame

    The video explains how to make paper photo frame. If you want to decorate your home room or your classroom board, just watch this video and learn how to do that in only 10 easy steps. You need only a squared paper and a paper stapler tool. enjoy watching and dont forget to do it.