1. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Mysterious door open

    Walking through an old mysterious open door/gate in Copenhagen.
  2. Random123

    How to delete the old /user URL?

    So I've changed my URL awhile ago however if you search and open my channel it still opens with /user/oldURL, how do I redirect or delete this?
  3. 5

    Possible YouTube Alternative: VidLii

    This new website I found today, VidLii, is basically 2006 YouTube fully operable in 2017. What that means is standard definition video, customizable channels, friends, an inbox, and most importantly, a community. Why am I trying to promote this site on a YouTube forum? If it grows beyond the...
  4. Glenn1019

    HELP: I need to find a way to access my old account, but I can't remember the email?

    Hey all, Really hoping I can get help for this as it's starting to have a negative impact on some things. Basically, I created a youtube account for my band some years ago and as the members changed and we matured, we wanted a new channel to better reflect this. However, people are now...
  5. Z

    Gaming Xbox One Collabs!!

    Looking for easy going gamers on Xbox that don't take themselves too seriously to play games with!! So as to not offend people that maybe don't like my rather regular swearing and stuff, I will probably say that 17+ is a restriction, but other than that, and working around time zones (at the...
  6. Becky Keegan

    Reading My Old Diary!

  7. Becky Keegan

    Reacting To Old Profile Pictures

    So here is this week's video, where I embarrassingly go through images of the early days of me being on Facebook...oh the joy.
  8. FraYoshi

    Lazy Boosting old videos

    Do u ever review your old published contents? Sometime I "rewind" them and boost my tags, add a subtitle, share it again... But It takes a lot of time... (to me) Do You ever make these kind of power ups on your channels?
  9. LionWaffles

    Request Need gaming intro! (free pls)

    Hi guys, I already have an intro but it's old and boring, so I think it's about time for a new one. If anyone could make me a gaming intro, add me on Skype! Skype name: roen1249