1. MrYorkiesWorld

    How To Remove Noise From Audio In Audacity | Clean Up Audio Using Audacity

    Hi Guys, In this video, I'll show you how to remove noise from your audio recordings using Audacity. Audacity is a great free tool for editing and optimizing music and audio recordings from microphones. It allows you to improve voice quality, remove unwanted noise and record new audio all in...
  2. The Unwanted Letter

    t3i noisy footage

    I keep seeing people on youtube get so much good quality shots with this camera but no matter how many lights i use or how wide open my aperture is, as long as i try to keep contrast in the shot it becomes noisy like this i really dont like it and would love some advice as to how i could fix...
  3. The Unwanted Letter

    Does using flat picture profile add noise

    I've been seeing all these people getting good footage with the t3i with a lot of shadows, and i can never replicate it because of my shadows and other parts always being so noisy and its a excessive amount of noise that i dont think the t3i is suppose to have, i know you need more lights and...
  4. BMorgzGaming

    Blue Yeti Background noise removal! HELP

    Hey guys so like the title says. I just recently purchased a blue yeti. I have my mic on a table arm stand and sits just above my monitor about a foot away. The mic is set to cardioid mode or the heart shape lol. Only problem is no matter what I do i still can pick up background noise such as my...
  5. O


    Can somebody check my recent video out and tell me how the controller noise is and how I can get rid of it!