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  1. VRONA

    How To Get More Viewer Interaction on a Dead Channel?

    I understand the chances a pretty slim as my channel can be considered "dead" due to it having only around 15 views per video after 4 years despite constant uploads, but I would like to try and improve viewer interaction a bit more. So how can I do that with such low statistics? Even when I ask...
  2. HighFive

    New Anime YT Channel. No views or Subscribers, Need help and advice!

    Hello everyone, I have posted 3 new videos for a few days now and many before on my other channel, but I haven't gotten any views or subscribers. I made sure to put good titles, description, tags, and a catchy thumbnail as well, but nothing happens, I have been trying for the last 2 months, this...
  3. 3

    Gaming Shellshock Live Collaboration

    I am looking for someone to make a Shellshock Live collaboration video. We will record a few games and edit and other stuff like that. Requirements: - Shellshock Live - Skype - Good at editing - Good at recording / talking - You cant sound like a 6 year old girl - You cant Sub4Sub subscribers -...