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  1. Y

    3 un copyright music

    Hello. I find 3 music for you.
  2. D

    Services Free Noncopyright Music For videos

    Hello, I have a non copyrighted music for vlog videos that i have made and you guys may like. All are free to use with license to use for video in Description. Thanks, Mark
  3. OpenMusicRevolution

    Services Introducing Open Music Revolution - Free Music for YouTubers

    Hi everyone, As a music producer for almost 10 years now, I have always wanted to have my own website for music licencing. I have been lucky enough to be able to make a living from stock music (I'm one of the top 10 authors on the site AudioJungle), but I know this isn't going to last forever...
  4. zenhd

    [NCS] Nekzlo - Stories

    If possible visit my channel to listen to relaxing music and suggestions to help me grow my channel
  5. zenhd

    Vlad Gluschenko - Lagoon *FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD*

  6. zenhd

    SKANDR - Road Trip * Free Download

  7. ALEA freelicencemusic

    Music Free background music for your videos, all genres.

    What's up Youtube!? I made this music channel for all creators to freely download my music and use it without risking demonetization and strikes. There's some Rock (upbeat guitar stuff), Metal, EDM, Hip-Hop, and even some orchestral stuff. For other types of collaborations (beats, songs or...
  8. M

    Music for Workout Videos?

    Hey everyone, I have been making my workout videos with music from the Youtube Audio Library and I'm getting so tired of using the same sounds over and over again, but they are very limited. I need ideas for good workout music (no copyright, obviously) I want something fun and upbeat but not...
  9. Mohaimin Ahmed

    Royalty Free Musics to use in YouTube videos - Download Instruction Provided

    Music List: 5. Chris Delendas - Filters 4. Cotarvoid-TrialPapers 3. Beat Your Competition - Vibe Tracks 2. Silent Partner - Spring in My Step 1. Kevin Macleod - Carefree Instruction to download: Go to our Facebook page and see the post for download links for each of the royalty free music...
  10. FreeBackgroundMusic

    No Copyright Music for YouTube video creators

    FreeBackgroundMusic Hi there, We have been working really hard to get the best producers and make them to give incredible music for YouTube video creators. We have already very good data base with free, no copyright music. We are your next upload will be safe of no copyright claims or strikes...
  11. Tadpole

    Good Place to get Free No Copyright Music

    Hey guys im new to the community so i decided to share a good place to get a lot of good music for videos without having to worry about getting any copyright strikes against your channel :D Channel Name: NoCopyrightSounds Alot of the music there is great for any type of montage or action...
  12. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Services Original Intro/Outro animations cheap

    I make original intro and outro animations for about $3-$5 (USD/per hour). I am not by any means a professional but, I can give your channel it's own personal flair. All the animations I make are completely original which means I don't just use a free template online and you will never need to...