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  1. Akradon360

    GunPoint: What a Game!

    I've attached my first video for my new Channel - 50 Percent. I'm planning on this channel having gaming videos, unboxings, vlogs and more! Thank you for taking the time to view my video. Hope to see you all online!
  2. Tv Head Greg

    Over 1000 views since I made this change

    What is up guys? My name is TV Head Greg and today I want to share with you how I reached 1000 views. I have been posting to Youtube for over a year now and my views haven't been the best. It wasn't until I changed my channel that I got to my 1000 views that I wanted. All I did was post new...
  3. GeniePurple


    Hello my crazy nutters/ dudes, new video up again, The Genie trying Butterbeer for the first time... Remember to Like, comment, share and of course subscribe so you can be my friend ;) :mstickle::inlove::eeks::bounce::bounce: Check back every Saturday for new upload!:thanksthumbs:
  4. M

    New channel concept - should I delete old videos?

    Hey everyone! I started my channel about 3 months ago and I made the mistake of setting tight deadlines for myself... I even made a few videos saying I'd post every week or two, but now I realize that a video takes me longer to plan and make than just a week and I just don't have as much time...
  5. Wimbus

    Help with youtube site settings!

    I looked at my channel as a new visitor would see it and noticed that at the bottom, my 3 older videos are popping up over my newest ones (and my old ones are bad because I wasn't using a mic). Any idea how I can change this and make the 3 videos that show up to be my most recent videos or 3...
  6. TheMercenaree

    BEGINNING THE FOREST TEMPLE | Twilight Princess HD: Part 11

    We start the forest temple in this episode. We also learn a new skill that's pretty awesome. If you want to check out more of my videos, then click that red box below.
  7. TheMercenaree

    3 GIANT BOSSES?!?!?! | Hyrule Warriors (Legend Mode): Part 28

    We have King Dodongo, Manhandla, and Gohma all making a return in this episode, and we have to defeat them ALL!!! It's gonna be challenging. If you want to watch more of my stuff, just click the red box below.
  8. TheMercenaree

    THE TEARS OF LIGHT | Twilight Princess HD: Part 10

    We are tasked with filling the Vessel of Light with Tears of Light in this episode, and that's exactly what we do. If you want to check out more of my videos, just click the red box below.
  9. TheMercenaree

    WE ARE THE ENEMIES?!? | Hyrule Warriors: Part 27

    In this episode, we play as Ganondorf for the first time (he is also the only playable character we can use at this time). That leads me to believe that we are the enemies this time, but I wouldn't be sure. Eh, just watch the video. If you want to see more of my content, click the red box...
  10. TheMercenaree

    DEATH BY A HAWK | Twilight Princess HD: Part 8

    This episode of Twilight Princess HD is full of stuff happening. Midna needs a sword and shield and apparently, we are killed by a hawk?!?!? Eh, just watch the video.
  11. Kacper

    Anime, Oh God

    I decided to dive into the world of anime in my latest video : ) Let me know what you think!!
  12. P

    Gaming League of Legends?

    Hi! I am thinking of making a new video with viewers on League of Legends. I am tired of playing with the same guys over and over, so I want to try out to make new friends. Now I am currently playing on EUW and my gamertag is pandabroosh. I am leveling up on this user so we will play against...
  13. GooberVlogs

    New Videos Get Spam Comments

    Wazzzup yttalkers ;) Seems like EVERY!! single time I try to upload a new video.. the first comment is always a spam comment of some kind -_- Does this ever happen to you.. YouTube usually puts comments in a spam section and I have to approve but I remember on Jan 1 2015 my very first comment...