new channel design

  1. S

    In Need For a Review of the "New" Channel!

    Hi guys! I kinda recently made a channel called, Stoveron. I was looking for some feedback to see what I could improve upon. I was looking for feedback on anything and everything, such as channel art, videos, thumbnails, commentary, etc. Thank you for the time :) (NOTICE: I TOOK A BREAK DUE TO...
  2. CyberunHD

    Reworked intro part 2!!

    Hey guys, last week i posted my intro video and asked for honest feedback, and i thank you all for contributing, the main feedback i got was the lack of enthusiasm in my voice, so iv'e posted my reworked intro, and again, i would be so grateful for your honest feedback good or bad.. Thanks...
  3. Sinc

    Le Banners Showcase

    Finally got to like stage 2 of 3 in my banner, and i would love to see you guys banners, just gyazo them and post them below! Are yours done? Is this the final banner or do you plan on changing it in the future?
  4. TCDesigns

    Finally finished making my channel art!!!

    Hey guys! I just finished making my channel art, let me know what you think! I might edit and tweak it a bit but that's what it looks like right now.
  5. TCS

    NEW Channel Graphics and Design! 50k subs REVAMP! FEEDBACK NEEDED

    Hey guys, so since hitting 50k subs i have made some new channel graphics which include outros and a new banner. There has also been a revamp on the thumbnails! The banner has not officially been put on my channel but the outros have! Personally I think they do look nice and clean but thats just...