1. N

    Horror Narration Video review

    Hello, i recently started doing horror story narrations, i would love to hear some thoughts / feedback on the overall quality / content on them! The link is below: Newest Horror Story Video
  2. GlobalDayz

    Fiverr voiceover original commentary?

    I'm writing scripts for my videos & I've been planning on hiring this award winning voice actor from fiverr to narrate my scripts. Someone told me this would be considered 3rd party content... wouldn't this fall under original commentary though regardless of the fact the narrator isn't the...
  3. Warlock Boo

    Voice Acting Halloween special Help needed please,

    hello there I am Warlock BOO and I am looking for Some people to help me with my Halloween special. I am currently needing voice actors mostly. But animators and artist are welcomed. I want to get different people reading different horror stories/creepypastas/redit post's and to put them all...
  4. ApexTV

    Voice Acting At 10K Subs and NEED a Voice Actor

    Hello people of YTTalk! My channel ApexTV is currently at 10,000 subscribers and is in need of a voice actor. Most of our videos consist of only text and we thought it would be good to have a voice narrate the video. If you want to narrate some videos that will be seen by thousands of people and...
  5. JayTV

    Vlogging Advice?

    Im very use to being infront of a camera, but my issue as a first time vlogger is actually vlogging, in my videos if anyone has ever seen them, its mostly just me recording and watching stuff happen around me, I try my best to be in the video myself, but I guess im not that good at narrating...