music covers

  1. T

    Can a website help your channel?

    Hi, I was thinking: what if i built a website with SEO approach connected to my channel, where i can write anything related to the work on my channel. If i make videos about gaming, i can write about new trend games. I'm a filmmaker too, so i can write about video and editing tips. All this to...
  2. M

    Music Looking to Collab

    Hello! I am looking for other youtubers of any caliber to collaborate. I post YouTube covers and would love to work with someone in growing out channels together! Check out my channel: Marissa Dai
  3. Maarij Bashir

    How do you incorporate "trends" in your videos?

    I make music videos for my channel and I just wonder how do I incorporate trends in my videos? I know I could do a cover, but doing covers seems to be so saturated. Like if a big artist releases a song everyone starts doing a cover. Any ideas?
  4. Python Blue

    But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode Cover)

    Been short on ideas for original music beyond commissioned work, so I made a cover song in which I tried singing. Let me know what you guys think.