music collab

  1. Emilio Lopez

    Music Producers That Are Interested In Collab (Rap/Hip-Hop Beat) FL STUDIO 12

    YO whats up guys. OMFBeats here AKA Emilio! I'm really interested in doing a collab on making a Hip-Hop/Rap beat! I think this would be a great opportunity for us to get the creative juices flowing from seeing the different styles we might in making music that we haven't heard before! I only...
  2. R

    Music Anyone wanna Collab?

    I'm planning on basing my channel mainly around music. I've already started it a little bit. Obviously the quality is terrible since I'm just starting out, but I'm finding new ways to do stuff so I'm already getting better and better. So I'm looking for people who want to collab with me. If...
  3. A

    Music NEED A SINGER! I wanna make music covers...

    Hello there! I am a pianist and I am gonna start to make music covers. so I need a singer... a good one! reply if interested. thnx
  4. Acousticbits

    Music I'll play guitar and you sing, deal? :) [mainstream/pop/top40]

    Looking to make a simple collab video! I'll play guitar, you sing. I'll handle all the audio and video editing. Before you reply, please make sure you.... 1) can actually sing! 2) are able to record using some decent equipment... I'm not asking for anything crazy, but come on....your built in...
  5. Livid

    Voice Acting Male/Female Singer Needed

    I need a Male or Female Singer to sing a 3 Min song and Record themselves singing it for a Music Video. (The Music video is not just going to be the person singing) I'll put your channel In My Featured section of my channel, I'll put you in the credits, and I'll put your URL In the description...
  6. MagesticDragon

    Music Calling All Singers [A Humongous Cover Project!]

    I want to make a very special collaboration video. I want to get a special message out that no matter what our background is, we're still connected around the world despite gender, race, sexuality, etc. I don't have a set # of singers but the more the merrier. However you will have to go...
  7. MagesticDragon


    I'm doing a series, kind of like Epic Rap Battles of History, but with popular Youtubers. I've already wrote the lyrics(still slightly tweaking it), and such. I've also found a beat to use. I would cover it, but I'm girl (not that I can't rap), but the first episode per say has to deal with...
  8. C

    Music Collabs Needed for MUSIC REVIEW (not strictly albums or new releases) CHANNEL

    Hello! On my channel I talk about music (usually heavy metal related- but I also do some indie rock, shoegaze type of stuff- NOT POP MUSIC) from the point of view of actual album reviews, analysis of genres, lists of whatever albums or songs, etc. I tend to lean on more towards heavy metal and...
  9. NekroBaer

    Music Let me feature your bounce tracks!

    Hey there! I just created a new channel named "Bounce Nation"! I'd love to reach out to some of you talented music creators. I'd love to feature your songs as long as they are in the EDM genre. Surely I will link you in the video description! I hope to get in touch with you! All the best, Lukas
  10. Kian Clifton

    Music Looking to collaborate on cover songs!

    Hey there! I'm looking for fellow YouTube musicians to collaborate with on cover songs/videos! I'm really looking to grow my audience and expand, as well as meet some musician friends whom I can talk with about Music, the industry, YouTube, & more, so I'm going to be posting Bi-Weekly cover...