1. AMX Gaming

    Casino Of Death | The Sexy Brutale

    Today we take a look at an indie horror, mystery, murder game called The Sexy Brutale this is something new for this channel but it should be a lot of fun. About This Game Welcome to the Mansion! All the guests are being murdered — horribly! — at this extravagant masquerade party set all...
  2. Malasia


  3. Shawn Monge

    Youtube Streamer playing Pokémon GO witnesses murder and gets fired from Uber job

    Hey I don't know if anyone has heard this, but this streamer AlexRamiGaming has been blowing up playing Pokémon while driving for Uber. He witnessed a murder while driving, and within a few hours was fired from his Uber job, because trollers contacted Uber and complained about him, they also...
  4. TheViralKing

    Garry's Mod Murder Funny Moments Montage w/ TheViralKing and Zedler

  5. KLENK

    You Can't Trust Anyone On Gmod! | Murder Ep.2

    Helloooo there and thank you for checking out my thread! The latest episode of our Garry's Mod Murder series has just been uploaded and I would really appreciate it if you guys and gals could check it out and leave some feedback. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! :)