multiple channels

  1. TheAllSenses

    Global or multiple youtube channels

    Hi All, For a person/channel that has interest in many subjects, what would be more efficient: creating a youtube channel for each subject or put all videos in one global channel and organize them with playlists? What would be the impact on viewers and their interests to subscribe to that...
  2. Brittneytaylorwg

    Multiple channels??

    Okay so, I have started creating content about my music and covers now to realize I would love to share my passion for dance aswell. I was wondering since I have a small amount of subscribers, would it be reasonable to create two channels or continue using my old channel for dance and my current...
  3. curiouskitty

    Recipe Video most popular on Beauty channel, should i make a separate Food Channel?

    hi! so i basically created my channel to share stuff that i want to share, like recipes, skin care reviews and other stuff. Now that I see the potential of my channel I am faced with a big dilemma. See, my channel is, right now a mix of everything, i have skin care and makeup videos, about 4...
  4. O

    Tip on how to categorize your channel

    I have one Channel for my personal stuff, Comedy and vlogs. I have another one for my film business that I use to upload concert films and my documentaries. Eventually I will branch out to film tutorials and game reviews. Here is what I will do to eliminate needing a bunch of channels. I will...