1. BasiliskASMR

    New Eating (Mukbang) Channel. Looking for feedback

    Hey guys :) My channel just turned 1 week old. I don't know how you guys feel about eating (mukbang) content, but I wanted feedback on how to improve my content and channel I was debating whether to have a topic while eating or focus more on eating or somewhere in the middle? Any suggestions...
  2. W

    Finally hit 100 Subs!!!

    I posted my first video on Aug 22. I just hit 100 Subs! I am learning more and more each day and I'm pretty proud of my progress so far. I do Mukbangs (eating broadcast) mixed with a little storytime. It's a family friendly channel so it's safe to watch in front of your kiddos. I feature a bit...
  3. Justine

    Nikocado Avocado: Mental Breakdown Mukbang

    So I finally looked into a youtuber who has interested me for awhile, and what I found was a little off. From consistently broadcasted mental breakdowns to odd features within his descriptions, I looked into Nikocado Avocado and found that everything he seems to post in relation to breakdowns...
  4. Justine

    [ASMR] Fortnite Gameplay + Sushi Mukbang

    So you're probably wondering where this flustercuck of an idea came from. Well, I was really hungry at 1am and thought this would be a good idea, so here's my fever dream come to life; and ASMR Sushi Mukbang With Fortnite Gameplay...what could possibly happen. Thank you so much for checking out...

    Outback Steak House 5 Star Review / Mukbang - VLOG #222

    Wen't to the Outback Steak House! I give them a 5 star review! The food and my margarita was amazing! This is a food VLOG / Mukbang video. Hope you enjoy it! :)