mount and blade

  1. subtrendy

    Review Screen- How Does it Look?

    At subtrendy we cover a wide variety of geek culture topics, but we're currently revamping the way that we do videogame reviews. We're hoping to start pumping out reviews much more frequently now, we've changed what playlist they're in, and (perhaps most importantly) we've changed the...
  2. SOSA

    Gaming Looking for other Mount and Blade channels

    Looking for other Mount and Blade channels to collabarate with and help each other out and grow. start possibly forming a small community of us small mount and blade channels. If there are any of you out there contact me however you want.
  3. SOSA

    3 year old channel looking for feedback

    Hello, I'm wanting to start taking youtube more seriously and upload more often(been uploading off an on for about 3 years or so). So I'm looking for some feedback on my newer videos, (The mount and blade bannerlord videos), i don't need feedback on the video games I've developed in the past on...
  4. Sir Gamealot

    Mount & Blade Bannerlord Short Lore The Calradic Empire

    Hey guys I create an informational video about The Calradic Empire a relevant faction in Mount & Blade Bannerlord. It is a short video giving all the details officially released about the said faction! If you do check out the video please give me feedback be it extremely negative or positive!
  5. Matthew Briggs

    Gaming Joint Game-Play with PC (Total War, M&B) I have 288 Subs

    Hello, I would like to collaborate with some good YouTuber's, and make some high quality content. A few things for you to get to know me: I will am about to study at Uni so I have a load of time on my hands to do some good YouTubing. I try and get my videos up when I can, sometime every day...