monetization criteria

  1. P

    YouTube Monetization

    Monetization Channel 201x 135 USD Monetization Channel 202x 130 USD Monetization Channel 2006-2009 145 USD 1K subscribe 33 USD 4K HOUR 27 USD 10-15 DAYS Payment method: Bitcoin, USDT, ETH Offical Artist Track CID
  2. B

    TTS policy clarification needed urgent!

    Hello guys, i make coding programming educational videos. I use my own screen recorded content made on my laptop. Then i add tts voice to explain that video. The script for that is purely mine and it explains the video created by me. Will this be allowed to monetize? I also use 30 sec intro plus...
  3. ASMRher

    How long does it take Youtube to review your channel for monetization?

    Per title. I just hit more than 4000 hrs of watch time and over 1000 subs 2 days ago. Youtube is saying it takes them about 1 month to review it. I wonder how long do they actually take? How long did they take to review your channels for monetization? Leave a comment below.
  4. Fitness Buffhq

    Monetization Eligibility Criteria

    Is the criteria of monetization eligibility, 1000 subscribers AND 4,000 watch hours watch time, not very high? The obvious ways to achieve the targets are: (i) High frequency of publishing videos & (ii) Longer duration of the videos. I seek advice from the experienced YouTubers on: (i)...