1. ApexTV

    1 Million Subscribers!

    Hey YTTalk! I want to start off by thanking you for making such an awesome forum that's full of so much valuable information for YouTubers of all sizes. Since I started my YouTube channel, I have consistently came back to YTTalk to learn about the YouTube algorithm, how to get views, and...
  2. ollyfp

    Gaming Want to collab for some IRL videos!! and form a YouTube group?

    I am looking for someone who posts regular quality content to collab with. I have 700 subs and my average view per video is around 400-500. I have a Canon EOS 700D, phantom 3 drone and a load of Go Pro's. I want to make some really good videos with other YouTubers who may want to form a group...
  3. Blitzerman

    50 Subs and 7250 views!!

    So guys i've been playing this youtube game for years now! Somewhat on and off however! But rececently with more frequent uploads and a much bettter quality of video i find i am finally (VERY SLOWLY) gaining views and subs! Which is obviously fantastic and further concretes the satisfaction...
  4. ApexTV

    2 Million Views!

    ApexTV just hit 2 million views! I remember posting a thread not that long ago celebrating the first million views my channel had acquired, now it's double that! :) I will continue to keep making videos and gaining more views as now I know it is possible for absolutely anyone to do this. If you...
  5. LeGenDaryPuLse

    YouTubers Make Too Much?

    So recently a statistic was shown after a hacker group hacked into Markiplier's account and leaked how much he made in the month of November. I won't share the exact number due to privacy reasons for him but, he made well over 500k in that month. This sparked a bunch of people saying that...
  6. ApexTV

    1,900 Subscribers and 900,000 Views

    A few days ago my YouTube channel ApexTV hit an incredible 1,900 subscribers and has amassed a total of 900,000 views. This is completely amazing as my all time goal for YouTube in terms of views is one million, and I'm almost there. It is also astonishing that ApexTV almost has a total of 2,000...
  7. J

    How many Subscribers defines a BIG Youtuber?

    Everyone has different labels for different 'sizes' of channels, but I wanted to know what everyone would consider a 'big Youtuber? I think for most of us, a bigger Youtuber could be as much as 1000 subscribers or more, but when do you actually start to refer to a Youtuber as big? Let me know...
  8. 3DtutsAM

    1.000.000+ views

    Just realized my viewers made over 1.000.000 views on my channel :) Happy to be a part of million views per channel club :D. Thanks to all who checked my videos, learned something new, shared and/or commented them. Everybody welcome to check what`s new. :) Alex
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