1. Ryann

    I've reached the 50 sub mark!

    I'm the owner of the IceyCamoGaming channel, and I would like to say how amazing it is to have supporters in my Youtube journey! I hope to keep going and achieve more and more subscribers in the future! :bounce::bounce:
  2. BrandyKoopa

    100 SUBS WOOO

    i know it is not a lot of subs but today I got the email from google. I’ve officially reached 100 subscribers on my channel!!! and also became eligible for my custom URL today! Hopefully I keep hitting these milestones
  3. Alexis Claudio Music

    I have reached 50 Subscribers!

    I know this is not a huge milestone but I am proud of little goals accomplished. I want to thank the Youtube Talk Community for helping me since the start. I know that this is a small step that will lead me to a bigger one. Since I started other Youtubers, I fell in love with content creation...