1. WillDP

    Thomas the MEME Engine! | Garry's Mod Sandbox

    Hey guys! This is my most recent video where I play Garry's Mod Sandbox with some friends. We play around with NPCs which causes for great content and a very funny video.
  2. Eclipse

    Dating Tips with Daryl Dixon

    Just a whole bunch of meme humor. Ironically, right after this was posted, I won tickets to go see Norman Reedus in a talk show on Wednesday. Haha!
  3. darkstarmedia


    As a thank you to everyone who helped me reach over 400 subscribers, I present you with a little something I cooked up this afternoon. Please enjoy:
  4. PeePodd

    Are the memes too strong? Your imput

    Hey guys So have never really experienced what they call a script The others and I have always just improved it all as we go a along. I am wondering if this is apparent. I would like the videos to be bit off the wall, out of the ordinary but I don't want to give off the vibe that we are "RANUM...
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