love advice

  1. Mr Danny

    Post-Valentine's Day Break-Up

    Love is dead, long-live love! Love oil (like olive oil but not) Anyways, Valentine's Day happened, people broke up, here's how to do it. Boom! Efficient video description.
  2. Dr.Whatever

    Other Looking for channels to collab with or put in recommended list!

    I'm a advice channel. Typically for couples and singles advice but I give a range of advice. My channel's motto is It's Whatever, No, It's Dr.Whatever. In my channel I game a bit and make some skits. Honestly, It doesn't have to be that involved we could just shamelessly plug each other for...
  3. Mr Danny

    Summer Lovin'

    Cause what's better than summer? LOVE! Or not. Not loving is fine too. Makes you a psycopath but I'm no one to judge you. But you can judge me all you want just by watching this video. Come on, JUDGE ME!