1. Niya

    Comedy Looking to do a collab w/ another small youtube!!!

    Honestly not looking for anything specific but someone funny. Check out my channel and let me know if you are interested!!! <3
  2. Brito21

    Its litty! Battlefield 1 multiplayer!

    In this video I jump on some xbox one and put in work on Battlefield 1 gameplay multiplayer. Enjoy the commentary and see me light people up with the sniper. It was a lit game even though i was rusty. Mexican kid playing this battlefield 1 was tricky because all these kids take these games so...
  3. Brito21

    Gears of war 4 gameplay - Its lit bro!

    Playing some gears of war 4 gameplay and it was lit. i just dropping the enemy left and right. If your looking for some tips and advice or a pro gamer this video is not for you. Im just messing around doing commentary and cracking jokes while putting in work in this gears of war 4 game for xbox...
  4. SheepDreams


    Hello people i'm Sheepy! Just looking for a fun gaming session! Those that suck at comedy can still join! We can do all sorts of games pc and ps4. Everyone is welcome guys, girls, men, woman, Apache helicopters, toasters. Together we shall rank in the algorithm of youtube and become the ultimate...
  5. Evan Helbling

    Bullying the People of Riften for the Thieves Guild!

    It would be lit if you would join me on this cute journey!
  6. yoEchoz


    Whats up u pretty mother lover. I am looking for a couple of people to make YT vids with and play a variety of games with. I am looking for people who play a variety of games such as CS,GTA,H1Z1 and all those d4nk games. Lel it's like I'm writing a poem. The only requirements are really just...
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