1. Samira

    Before posting your link on Facebook

    Hey Guys, I hope this helps you guys. You might have heard that Facebook doesn't like Youtube links and prefers native uploads. Now I recently received a book on the topic of Youtube and in said book was the tip on how to post your youtube links to Facebook. Using the site: yt2fb (I'm not...
  2. GamingEDGE

    Post your video links here

    Post your video links here but you need to watch other peoples videos too!
  3. O

    Community Tab (New Feature)

    YouTube is now beta testing with popular YouTubers their new Community Tab feature. It will soon be available to everyone on YouTube. It allows the ability to post and share links, pictures etc in the subscriber feed. Say Goodbye to Multiple Channels YouTube has had a feature for a few years...
  4. SeanFace101

    Links in Descriptions... Good Number of Clicks?

    Do you think that links in video descriptions get decent amount of clicks? or do you think people don't see them much and/or ignore them? :P Talking about both links to other YouTube videos and/or other websites? :P
  5. SeanFace101

    Unclickable Social Media Buttons on Channel. Why?

    On my channel, just above the Subscribe button at the top right, i have links / buttons to my Twitter, Google Plus 1, Facebook and LinkedIn.. Why are these buttons on my channel un-clickable? It it a bug on YouTube or something? or Have i added them wrong or something? ::P Anyone know?