legal action

  1. IVY

    commentary channels and defamation of character.

    I have a commentary channel and I don't want to get sued for defamation of character. what can I do to prevent that from happening.
  2. M

    Chances of getting sued and precautions?

    Hey guys! So I run a fitness and health channel, and a few weeks ago I mentioned it to someone and they told me to be careful that I don't get sued. Got me wondering, how common is it to get sued for any reason as a youtuber? I always post disclaimers in my videos like "this is not intended to...
  3. TopFelya

    Does Youtube protects up loaders videos and takes Copyrights issues seriously ?

    I've reported hundreds of videos( Mig-29 takeoff) which were re uploaded without my permission . Now some of the videos were reinstalled by YouTube and some of them got more then 3 million views and people still making money on them. Ive invested the money and time to produce my videos. And it...
  4. Mr Kerbibble

    Someone keeps saying they'll sue us?

    So, this was something I was not expecting to wake up to today. As some of you know, we run a few channels, a Daily Vlog, a Gaming Channel, and a Cosplay/Convention channel: Kerbibble Cosplay Today, I woke up to discover a message from someone commenting on one of our Cosplay Music Videos...