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  1. Lightingbane(martiz)

    Gaming Looking For PC gaming collabs with other small/new creators.

    Hello! Im looking to do Collabs with other small and new youtubers, hopefully if we get along well and mesh together we can form a lasting Friendship :) Requirements: Subs, None Age, 18+(Personally im 23) Games: League of Legends, Overwatch, Valhiem, CIV6, Stellaris, Rainbow 6, Smash Brothers...
  2. InquiryLifeofMeow

    Funny dubbed League of Legends show!

    Upload will be done on every Sunday. Come visit and watch funny dubbing videos every week! Happy New Year and thanks a lot! If you liked the video, please subscribe, life, and alarm for next videos!
  3. InquiryLifeofMeow

    Funny dubbed League of Legends show!

    Upload will be done on every Sunday. Come visit and watch funny dubbing videos every week! Happy New Year and thanks a lot! If you liked the video, please subscribe, life, and alarm for next videos!
  4. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! Back with another montage full of mediocre plays. Last time I was hard stuck in Silver 1. Luckily, I made it out of there and now I'm hovering around Gold 3 and seem to be hard stuck there too! These clips were all from ranked...
  5. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! Today's video is a random Riven montage. I've been trying to climb the ranked queue ladder, but that's not exactly going too well. For a period of time, I thought I would be hardstuck Silver II, but now I'm like hardstuck Silver...
  6. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! Today's video is a League of Legends video. I'm playing with my friend Longteng and Jason, our new player. Well, the game was pretty INTeresting. I honestly forgot who the hell was new to this game lol *cough cough* Longteng is...
  7. Vilian Popov

    Gaming Collab with a League of Legends YouTuber with 1000-5000 subscribers

    I would love to collaborate with other YouTubers playing either League of Legends or Overwatch since I've never done that and believe it would be amazing to try it out! If you are interested, you can DM me. It is preferable to be in Europe servers so it doesnt lag that much. I am VPhery and you...
  8. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome to another video. This is just a video of me playing some Silver Ranked Solo Q and commentating a bit. I'm playing Riven and I'm really not that good. I'm currently Silver I xd. If you enjoy the video, leave a like or subscribe. I would appreciate...
  9. RoyDaaniel

    Gaming Looking for Youtube/Twitch Collab PUBG/LoL/CS:GO

    Hi! I recently started making youtube videos and I was hoping to meet someone who would want to create some content together with me and while doing that, support eachothers' Youtube channels. DM me on Twitter --> OGRoikku or message me on Youtube --> OGRGaming :3
  10. NIghtRavenOfficial

    Gaming Click here before anything!!!!

    Whats going on everyone! Night Raven here, Id like to get my channel up and running again! its been a long time since ive posted. since ive got my new PC ive been very eger to start it up again! but i wanna start up with some new friends! people who would be willing to upload atleast 2-3 times a...
  11. Edmagician

    Could a series like this work?

    So I came up with the idea of doing a series on League of Legends and documenting myself going to Challenger (highest rank in the game for those of you who don't know). Now the thing is I am having alot of fun making these since I am playing alot anyways. I am just not sure if it is fun to watch...
  12. Surrendead

    League of Legends Meets Tilt Squad

    hope you guys like these edited compilation comedy clips as much as the overwatch one! let me know what you guys think :)
  13. Erebusu

    Are you a League Of Legends player?

    Hey there, This is Erebusu! I am a League Of Legends player for three years now and just recently made my youtube channel. I am really passionate about this game and would love to be a part of its community. I am just making this thread to see how many League Of Legends players are in the...
  14. Erebusu

    New League Of Legends Youtuber!

    Hey everyone! I am Erebusu and I am a new League Of Legends youtuber! I have been playing this game for three years now and I am really passionate about it. I do enjoy playing other games as well. I am excited to be a part of this community and make new friends! Anyone want to Collab? Feel free...
  15. Kcomics

    Put my heart and soul into this animation. Please give me some feedback~

    What do you guys think of the animation style? The story itself? Or anything else you guys notice. Thanks a bunch~~!
  16. Olroy

    Just Re-Branded My Channel, Thoughts?

    Hey so just last night I re-branded my Youtube channel with a new icon and new channel art! I've been SUPER excited for this re-brand for the past week seeing as I commissioned this artist to draw my character for me. Anyways I'm just looking for some feedback and stuff, things such as if...
  17. OniMarku

    Gaming League of Legends Collab.

    Hey, I am looking for a Collab for League of legends video, I have 46 subs, so the person would need a similar sub count :D If you are interested, let me know, I am ready to start anytime :D Thaks everyone.
  18. Tuurngait Gaming

    FULL AD/CRIT GAREN (League of Legends)

    Hey Tuurngait here! I recently just spent 4 hours editing this video here. Check it out would ya? ;) Thanks guys!
  19. Tuurngait Gaming

    Gaming Who Plays League of Legends?

    Hey I'm Tuurngait! I need new friends to play League with on my down time!! Hmu. My main is Mu Cepheii and my smurf is Tuurngait Add them! Let me know who you are first on the forum before adding me so I don't decline you!
  20. L

    Gaming Collaborating with any channel size that creates good content

    Hello everyone, I am Dan/Daniel or LemonadeDan. I currently own a small channel with 46 subscribers and I'm hoping to collab with anyone at any size. I mainly make League of Legends content and I aim to just play together, complete challenges etc. My channel name is: LemonadeDan as I'm not...
  21. Jess Gemini

    Gaming I need someone to play or collaborate with. (PC)(f2p)(GMOD)

    Hey! my name is Jess Gemini and i'm looking for someone to collaborate with F2P games like LoL but i also have GMOD. i'm not a big channel but i'm willing to play with anyone. check my channel.
  22. KaossRyan

    Gaming Pc gaming collabs and group

    Hi all! I'm looking for people who want to record with! I'm only uploading league of legends to my channel but I'm more than happy to play others with people who want to record. I have CS:GO and other games. Let me know what games you have and record. I'd prefer league players so I can get...
  23. AmateurPlayer


    if you have a decent mic and plays steam games and the most important is a FILIPINO add me. fb.com/amateurplayer
  24. Darvin


    hey my name is Darvin and I'm looking for league of legends youtuber. I mostly record on weekends but my agenda is flexible. -REQUIREMENTS- -Must not be a squeaker -Must have a good mic -Must have Skype or Discord -Must be over 12 years old -It doesn't matter if you suck at league its just for...
  25. C

    Gaming Game

    Any other interesting, or appropriate offers are welcome as well. I look forward to your responses fellow content creators :) - Sincerely...
  26. W

    Gaming League Of Legends EU

    I'm looking for a team of youtubers that play league of legends. I play on the EU server. I have 147 subscribers on my main channel but League of legends will be uploaded to a new channel. If you do choose to join me then please don't take everything seriously. We can have tryhard games, I don't...
  27. terror569

    BrittanyMcLarge On How To Play Ezreal I League of Legends

    Well damn my second girlfriend Brittany is playing Ezreal.
  28. Reckr

    Gaming Looking for a LoL Ranked Team (In Bronze)

    I'm a 13 year old Filipino in Bronze looking for a LoL Ranked Team. I use Skype and Discord to communicate. I play mid lane and top lane. I am fairly well with Ekko, Shen, and Ryze. I am looking onto a friendly and helpful ranked team and learn new tips and tricks along the way. My username...
  29. Xanderin

    New League Of Legends Video

    hey i'm new to youtube and would like to share one of my better games as talon if you would like to check out my video and leave some advice that would be amazing and if you enjoyed the video hit that sub button but only if you enjoyed it thank you =)
  30. Beybladeog

    Best of Amazing League of Legends Thug Life 2015 !

    Hey guys please check out this video! Really funny and will entertain you!