1. Strobelite Gaming

    D&D Recording layout

    so, Me and my friends want to stream/record our dungeons and dragons. was wondering. if anyone here knows what kind of camera layout would be good. There are 4 of us.
  2. ItzDusk

    Finished/Closed Completely Free + Clean GFX (Less than 24 hr wait!)

    If you would like to commission me please DM me on twitter (@DuskSFX) My services are very well hand crafted depending on what you are needing! Strengths : -Layouts -Banners -Avatars-Vectoring (Cartooning of certain images~As for example the 'Pokemon Trainer' below
  3. Lauramillanmu

    Channel review - how can I improve my channel?

    Hi everyone! :wavespin: I'm Laura and I'm fairly new to both Youtube and YTTalk. I've recently started a makeup channel and I'm uploading two videos a week, which I believe is a good number. I wanted to ask you guys whether you could give me any tips and feedback on the channel in general, so...
  4. Nicky Furmage

    Any feedback welcome on my latest videos and channel layout?

    Any feedback welcome on my latest videos and channel layout is welcome please guys, and also do you like my banner from a big win we had, i think its kind of cool lol... positive and negative constructive feedback welcome guys feel free to give me any pointers in my youtube adventures. thanks Nicky
  5. AM2PM

    Please review my channel - I'm ready willing and able to change

    Here is my channel: My brother and I started doing Big Brother videos, but have transitioned to our Twin Versus Twin series. That will be the focus. Thoughts, ideas, critiques? Thanks in advance.
  6. MMenard0313

    Customizing your Channel Layout

    Hello everyone, new "forumer" here, I used to be able to edit and customize the Youtube layouts back when Myspace was prevalent. I was able to code both Myspace's and Youtube's so it would look completely customized, but now I don't think that is an option. I was able to create layouts using...
  7. FoldingNotes

    Do You Like the YouTube App Layout?

    Until very recently YouTube updated their layout for iOS (they got rid of the sidebar). I have read a lot of complaints, so I am wondering what are your thoughts about the layout so far.