1. Ccc

    How To Rent Property In London

  2. Ccc

    How To Rent Property In London

    Hey guys, I make silly animations using a dry sense of humour. Please check it out and share/subscribe/comment. I will happily subscribe back if you subscribe.
  3. curtis o'keeffe

    Breaking A World Record! | Vlog 2

  4. curtis o'keeffe

    Breaking A World Record! | Vlog 2

  5. Heather White

    Touch My Body Challenge | Dirty Edition

    My roommate and I did the Touch My Body Challenge and things got out of hand. haha! We just think we are too funny and hope you find us just as hilarious. Enjoy the video and don't forget to show us some love with a comment or a like.
  6. T

    Comedy Starting YTer looking for messed up ppl like myself to collab with

    What's up my least favorite animal! Recently I've started a new youtube channel with the main focus on comedy. I've been looking for ppl to do collaborations with and this seems like a good platform to raise my voice. I've just started a couple of weeks ago, so I barely have any subscribers. My...
  7. Rieverze

    This is my road to the top!

    I just started out, but that doesn't mean we can't have ambition!
  8. H

    NEW VIDEO: I do not understand how people can be so STUPID!!

    I just uploaded a new video and the fact that real people messed this up worries me...
  9. The Happy Gamer


    My first stab at the Try Not To Laugh Challenge! This was so much fun!
  10. Kemono

    ROASTING p**n INTROS (don't worry, it's sfw) (but maybe put headphones on)

    The intros to p**n videos are always the most hilarious and stupid things in the world, so i turn 'em on, and i roast the F@$K OUT OF THEM!!!! Enjoy!
  11. TSR Viking

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with (18+) PC

    Hey there, I am looking for people to play with, and make videos with and to have a laugh with! The games I play mostly are battlefield 1, CS:GO and dead by daylight, but I have alot of other games also, but too many to write here haha, contact me if you are interested! :) I am 20 by the way
  12. Christopher Johnson

    Why Do Black People Die First?!

    I don't watch many horrors but have any of you guys ever noticed that in horror movies the black guys always die first? LOL. Something sounds fishy here. Let me know if you agree ;)
  13. J

    The Strangest Addiction

    My latest video! A comedy sketch!
  14. terror569

    Losing Everything In Diablo 3! 60 Bounty Bags

  15. Jubair194

    New £2000 Camera! Does it make a difference?

    Hey guys. I've recently bought a Canon 5D mark II an a microphone. Please review my funny channel and tell me if the content looks better now than before! Thank you all!
  16. Cam Kirkham


    Hey everyone just over 3k on just 3 videos! Hope you all enjoy my latest one and good luck with all your videos and channels! Let me know what you think!
  17. SeanFace101

    My Friend Tony Bain Playing The Harmonica

    Video of Tony Bain playing the harmonica. This is my friend Tony Bain in my house playing the harmonica when we were drinking. Funny, although lacking some talent. :P
  18. paigelknowles

    So sometimes I just have to vlog vent to get over it...

    I didn't realize how ridiculous this video was until just now but hey it made me laugh so I'm sure it will make some others do the same. Make sure you watch all the way to the end because the end is by far the best part!
  19. SmokinAceX

    My First Video

    How's it going folks? I uploaded my first video today. I'm going for Comedy/Gaming. If you can please visit and let me know what you think, and be honest haha