1. Qball

    MV IU(아이유) _ Eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) REACTION | 케이팝 음악에 반응하는 미국인

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  2. TastesSeoulGood

    Where to meet K-Pop group BTS in Seoul, Korea!

  3. K

    A fascinating tale about a girl who hated the warm weather.

    Hi! Here is my second video where I complain about the warm weather, express my love for kpop (GOT7 and BTS in particular) and talk about interior design: Thank you and have a nice day! P.S. I'm more than open to constructive criticism (even a very blunt/harsh one).
  4. KpopIsEternal

    Reaction video editing?

    Hi I've been looking for free editing software for reaction videos, if anyone has ideas or can help me, let me know :)
  5. KpopIsEternal

    would you rather...

    If you were to watch my channel, would you rather.. reaction videos or watch edited ones with things put together? I've been thinking about this but because I don't have many subscribers it's hard t ask them what type of content they'd like to see. Maybe you can help me :)
  6. bboytlil

    JUST LIVE LIFE | Spring Vlog 2017

    YOOO~ What is up everyone, so this is my Spring 2017 VLOG! I decided to put a bunch of fun clips together during the beginning of Spring! Since Spring is pretty much way over I thought it would be cool to share with you all these awesome moments and memories. Enjoy the video as you'll be seeing...
  7. iHateSnakeuProd

    Other K-pop channel friends to collab and more

    Annyeong! I'm looking forward to meet new YT people who are into kpop! Never had an opportunity to collab with someone, so I'm really excited about that My channel: iHateSnakeuProductions //WeeklyKpop I mainly do kpop evolution videos, FMV's and random stuff. If you're interested, let's talk!
  8. bboytlil

    Dancing while traveling, eating and seeing new talent is the best feeling!

    YOOO~ Impaofsweden just recently made a English Cover to BTS song Wings and she did an amazing job with it that I just had use the song! This is one of my favorite song from the album since it gives you that awesome vibe and makes you just want to live it up! If you like anime, food, adventure...
  9. bboytlil

    If you like anime, food, adventure, good vibes, dancing and KPOP. This video is meant for you~

    Hey all you awesome people~ ^_^ First off I just gotta say Janny's English Cover to this song was sooo goood~ OKAAAY sooo, BIGBANG recently released a new song called FXXK It and HOLY~ THIS SONG IS FREAKING LIT! so I was inspired to make a video showing you guys my adventure in life. If you like...
  10. MagesticDragon

    Music Looking For 2 Female Singers

    So, I made my own original version of translated English lyrics of a K-pop song. I really can't sing to save my life, so I'm looking for some singers to cover this song called "Boombayah" By BLACKPINK ~~~~~ I can try to send some subscribers to you, since this is one of the most popular songs...
  11. bboytlil

    [Cover] BTS - Young Forever | bboytlil

    Hey everyone, so Chole did an super amazing cover to BTS new song Young Forever. If you like kpop, food, dancing, adventure, film and awesome effects Don't miss out and hit that PLAY BUTTON!
  12. Danny.K

    I'M BAAACK!!!!!

    Hey guys!, well its been a while but I'm back now!. I hope you enjoy my first attempt at filming "A Day In The Life" :) please check it out and let me know what you think, also please like a subscribe! btw make sure to watch in HD
  13. bboytlil

    Bboy T-lil - Shooting Star

    If you like anime, food, road trips, dance circles, Kpop and positive vibes then this video is meant for you. Thanks everyone for your time and enjoy the video! :D Let it inspire you~
  14. Eclipse

    General Channel Review?

    Hello everyone! I leave for the Navy in one month, and have tried to work hard to have a channel in good standing before I leave. (Good standing meaning frequent, diverse content.) If any of you are willing, I would love a review on my channel in general... Branding, aesthetic, content... The...
  15. Eclipse

    My last dance cover before I go into the Navy!

    Exactly as the title says! I will be going to Navy boot camp in one month... Which means I most likely wont be able to do any more dance videos... Lol. I did a compilation of all my favorite songs that I've ever learned dances to, which is mostly K-pop but has some MJ and Sia thrown in! :) Peace ~
  16. Courtney & Zac

    Review Our Chanel

    Hi All, My girlfriend and I just started a youtube chanel 2 weeks ago, and it has started picking up some traction. So with this in mind, i wanted to hear your opinions on our chanel. Heres the link: We do videos ranging from KPOP to...
  17. Jose Bravo

    KPOP Reaction - BTS Run

    Requested by friends and followers~ Highly appreciate any likes, comments, or subscriptions! :) Twitter: