kids channels

  1. pioneer1

    YouTube says it will crack down on bizarre videos targeting children

    Hi all, What is your take on the following with kids channels? Videos that violate policy will now be age restricted "Earlier this week, a report in The New York Times and a blog post on Medium drew a lot of attention to a world of strange and sometimes disturbing videos on YouTube aimed at...
  2. 3kidstv

    Water Park! Having Fun time in pool and water slides / Legoland Water Park Video

    Thanks for watching, subscribe and like! Thanks For kids, there is little more exciting and fun than spending a summer afternoon at a water park. With the scorching heat of the summer blazing down all around, it is only natural for the young ones to seek out any activity that keeps them cool...
  3. Bennett's Playtime

    Would your kid click on my thumbnails?

    My channel is really aimed at the under 6 crowd. I have older thumbnails with thicker colorful borders, but I started going with thinner borders on my new videos. Obviously, I would click on them :-) But I'm really curious if they're eye-catching to kids. Thanks!
  4. Kidspartytv

    Suggestion For Children's Play Channels

    Hello friends. I am shooting the android game videos for kids. My impressions are too low. Do you have any suggestions? What should I do for the impression? Thanks for the answers
  5. Kesler's Dad

    Supercuts (Combining Smaller Videos into a Larger One) Advice Needed - Worth It?

    So I have a kid's channel and we have a bunch of similar 2-minute videos (Toddlers at a Table Drinking Milkshakes) that I'm considering consolidating into a few supercut videos of about 10-15 minutes in length. My question... Does YouTube frown on multiple videos with the same content? Are...
  6. CombinationPizza

    YouTube Kids question

    How does Youtube find it's content for YouTube Kids? I mean, what goes into the decision to include certain channels? Can channels be submitted for consideration? Anyone know how this works? Thanks!
  7. Kaynes Toyroom

    Hooplakidz Network

    Does anyone know any info about this network? Tried researching it but couldn't find any reviews. Thanks in advance!
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