1. javacentral

    Mexican coffee?!

    Yeah so I'm exploring the history of mexican coffee which involves some destruction of an empire, the rise of another empire, and the fall of ANOTHER empire! Who knew coffee could be so destructive!
  2. javacentral

    Who knew coffee, mexico, and politics would go hand in hand?

    Yeah so apparently the history of mexican coffee is really neat. It involves a revolution or two, the spaniards of course, and some political headaches! Here just come check it out and see what ya think.
  3. javacentral

    Coffee around the World- Vietnam

  4. javacentral

    So after I watched my video post editing, I was pretty proud of it.

    I made a video of coffee around the world but in Vietnam this time. I was messing around with it in 1080p (mainly because I could and wanted to see the results from how it looked....which was not much better than 720p sadly) and after editing it, it had a few bumps in it but overall, I really...
  5. javacentral

    Doing a review series and would love...well your review on it! Will return the favor if you want!

    So I'm doing a series called Review it! Where I review all sorts of coffees and things. I was hoping to see what kind of feedback you all could give me and in return, I can check out your channel as well if you want! Nothing like sharing the love!
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