1. Conight

    Comedy Anybody interested in Japanese related stuff?

    Hey so I'm not much of an 'Otaku' or 'weeaboo' myself, infact I've barely watched/liked any manga or anime and my video game collection is very limited however I do like some Japanese music, BUT I lived in Japan and am planning on returning, which means I have learnt Japanese and since I've...
  2. MonokuroIDN

    Music Looking for Collaboration Partner for Covering Japanese Song and Others.

    Hey, We're running youtube Channel that mainly covering Japanese Music, not limited to Anime Song. We'd like to find collaboration partner to boost our channel, because we're just started for about a year but we felt hopeless on our channel progress. :( If you are interested in collaborating...
  3. Conight

    Vlog Anybody going to Japan?

    I currently live in Japan, I have for the past year and I would like to make some physical collaborational content just like I did back home in England. I can also speak Japanese, if that helps with some kind of collaborational idea you may create ^^
  4. javacentral

    Coffee in Japan- Would love any and all feedback!

  5. Blakeusness

    How To Make Gyoza Dumplings! (Easy)

    Hay guys! Recently I made a video on how to make quick and easy gyoza dumplings! Would be awesome if you could check it out! :) Also leave me a comment letting me know what you what to see me make next! Thank you! :)
  6. MistyEmma

    English Girl Reacts To Korean Beauty Products!

  7. Darthtux

    Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Remastered Walkthrough Part 7 | THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! /w Darthtux

    It took me 1-2 hours to beat this level..... I thought it was a tutorial mission but it turned out to be a extremely hard CHALLENGE mission!!! Enjoy my frustration :D Thanks as always!
  8. Tahrgat

    The Red Room Curse 赤い部屋 (Short Horror Film)

    Just completed my latest short horror film, "The Red Room Curse". It is based on the Japanese Urban Legend 赤い部屋 (Red Room), about a deadly pop-up ad.:devil: Synopsis: A late night on the internet leads to terror for Aaron and Melissa when Aaron accidentally crosses into the DARK side of the...
  9. FatalAti

    New Idea for Gaming Channel 2 masks

    Hey guys I just opened a channel named Fatalati and had an idea of putting on a scary Japanese red mask whenever I can´t pass a level and at the background there would be heavy metal music going on while i pass that level on "FATAL Mode". So here are 2 masks that i might buy which one should i...
  10. Tahrgat

    Aka Manto 赤マント (Short Horror Film)

    I made this Horror film based on the Japanese Urban Legend, Aka Manto or Red Cloak. It is a pretty bizarre and somewhat darkly comedic scenario... until it isn't. If you wanna learn more about this strange Urban Legend then here is the info: http://ashenjackal.wix.com/films#!akamanto/c1pd5 -
  11. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Japanese MMA Fighter DRAMATIC WIN

    I couldn't resist!