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  1. alexmanzano

    I just made my first episode on YouTube

    So my channel is about basketball and it consist of various bits about basketball (i.e. news, basketball reenactments, history, silly raps, game highlights, etc.). Oh and it's called 3ball, and I'm the host! My goal with this channel is to be more entertaining than my competitors since most of...
  2. TonyOutPlaysYT

    How do I get my recent video to become a "suggested" video?

    Hi guys! I need some help. How can i get my recent video to become a suggested video? My recent videos have been on the suggested list and I know this because people would comment they came from the suggested thing. You know what I mean. How can I get all of my videos especially my most recent...
  3. TonyOutPlaysYT

    Why Am I Getting Dislikes For No Reason???!

    hi guys. I noticed ever since my channel has been growing a lot, I have been getting dislikes on all of my videos. One of my most viewed videos had 31 likes and 0 dislikes yesterday. ( I also joined this site yesterday) and now it has 31 likes and 3 dislikes??! What is the point of disliking...
  4. sabrinafabulous

    Calling All Girl Gamers

    So I've just started a gaming channel, and as a female I've been seriously bummed that there is a lack of popular girl gaming channels. Reply below, introduce yourself and share your experience of what it's like being a girl gamer on youtube. LETS BAND TOGETHER :) I've heard a lot of people call...
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