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  1. FestusFX

    Other 3D Graphic Desginer | Collab ?

    I'm looking for other Designers like me. Intro designers / Graphic Designers / Whatever... :) If you are interested to collab, just let me know and maybe we will work together
  2. FestusFX

    Services "Free" Quality 3D Animation intro's (Nature & Mountains)

    Well, You guys already know that I make Free 3D intro's for 2 weeks. Later I'm also going to make free 2D intro's. But right now, I can make also 3D animation intro's :) At the moment there's 1 example ^^ + The speedart :) So you guys can also see how I made something like that!
  3. FestusFX

    Services Free Professional 3D intro's

    I'm a 3D intro designer and I make some professional 3D intro's for free :) Later I'm also going to make 2D intro's for free ;p You can check the channel for examples if you like :)
  4. FestusFX

    How to make a Professional 3D intro

    Hey guys, I'm a profesisonal 3D intro designer and because the support is really awesome I though to make a kind of tutorial of how I actually make my intro's :) Is that a good idea ?
  5. FestusFX

    Omg 100+ Subscribers in 2 days

    Thank you guys, I love every subscriber :) I just made my channel 2 days ago and now 2 days later it reached 100+ Subscribers I'm really proud and it was really fast I think. But I also work really hard so I think it's ok Stay Awesome
  6. FestusFX

    Can I make 3D Intro's for others?

    Well, I make some really cool 3D intro's "For Free" I just want to help the community, That's why I make them for free :') So who also want a 3D intro ?
  7. FestusFX

    New "Epic" 3D Intro | Cool Sync & Effects

    Hey guys, I Make "Free"' 3D Intro's for Small/Big YouTube Channel :') Check me here : FestusFX <= It's my YouTube Channel
  8. JACisRAW

    Request [PAID] Can you make this vision come True?! [Intro]

    Yo Whats up! So I've had this vision of a new intro for my channel, I have the song for it and the piece of the song I want to use, I have the whole thing in my head but I just need to have someone with skill to put it into reality! I hope someone would be kind enough to do it for free but if it...