Request [PAID] Can you make this vision come True?! [Intro]


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Yo Whats up! So I've had this vision of a new intro for my channel, I have the song for it and the piece of the song I want to use, I have the whole thing in my head but I just need to have someone with skill to put it into reality! I hope someone would be kind enough to do it for free but if it matches my vision exactly then I will be willing to pay or give you a huge shout-out and link to your channel will stay in my description every single video I make with the intro and I will put you in my Homies box on my channel and recommend you to every YouTube friend I have!
Thank you for your time!:)
I'd Love to help, I have been doing these kind of things for quite a while now, Send me a message to let me know exactly what you want. :)
I will put some of my work up tomorrow for you to see! Or we could discuss this further on skype, your choice :)
Hi! You might be interested! Visit this forum page for prices and more details:

Do not hesitate and contact me!

Skype: belekas21