1. W

    Starter camera for inside static video shooting.

    Hi, I'll start off by saying I'm a newbie in this subject. I know a thing or two about cameras but that's about it. My friends and I are going to be shooting some videos on youtube, as stated above in the topic we will be shooting inside, mostly static frames. Provided that we get some proper...
  2. JayPlaysOfficial

    Lets Play | Inside | #8 | JOIN THE CRUSADE!!

    Hell everyone and welcome back to another video :D
  3. ugnius

    Solving 3 Puzzles? - Part 2 - Inside - Let's Play Inside

  4. ugnius

    New Limbo?

  5. Jgaust Online

    30 Subscribers in just a few short weeks!

    Holy cow, first off I want to thank you for clicking on this post! Second I want to explain why this is so amazing. I started off over a year ago recording Alien Isolation with a crappy mic and no webcam, after a little saving I bought a new mic, webcam, and editing software JUST for...
  6. Video Game Knight

    Inside Series- Episode 5

    Hey everyone! I have a new INSIDE episode out! I find a terrifying mermaid beast in the deep and get to control a gang of dimwitted gentlefolk. I also treat them like garbage and may or may not push a corpse off a ledge. Anyway! Please enjoy!
  7. iMSaiyan

    Another week, did I improve? Feedback please!

    Hey guys, so I made a Let's Play Walkthrough of Inside, I'm trying to shift my focus over to longer gameplay games, kinda like TheRadBrad cause I enjoy those more. I still try to do 2-3 videos a week of random games, indie, steam, random horror etc so I can work on my editing more and take a...
  8. Video Game Knight

    INSIDE- First Look

    I recently bought and played Playdead's INSIDE. I am only about 15 minutes in but I am already in love with it. It is, in my opinion, already darker than Limbo, Playdead's other game.