1. Y

    Other 5 Interesting Facts about Corporate life

    5 Interesting Facts about Corporate life
  2. @

    Never get underpaid for a sponsorship deal again

    Hey YTtalk community, I want to share a free resource I created. It's a table with anonymous data on how much creators are charging for different brand deals: Currently it shows: 1) amount of $ for the deal 2) number of followers and which social it was posted on 3)...
  3. ToxinStorm

    Other Do you like Anime and Manga? I have an idea that can get us to the next level on YT!

    Hello, to keep things short and straight to the point, I am looking for 3 individuals who are fans of anime and manga. I will be going into more detail once I choose you to be a part of the team. These 3 individuals will help me gather information from specific anime and manga and presenting me...
  4. Farley Productions

    Spamming Tag Words Advice/Information

    I was recently reading a blog online about the "The Top 15 Youtubers who have had been banned" ranging from gambling on Runescape, squishing little critters with boots, to drama and the list goes on. One that caught my eye however was "Banned from spamming tag words." Which I understand is...
  5. M

    Review for my channel website? Hey everyone! I've just published a website as a sort of intro to my channel and I could use some feedback. I only have a short introduction, my videos, and social media information, and I'm wondering if there's anything else I should add to it. Any other...
  6. DvApps

    Do I need to tell my audience that my video has an affiliate link?

    Hey, Recently a company reached out to me. They wanted me to make a video about their software and in return, they would give me an affiliate link. Do I legally have to tell my viewers that my video contains an affiliate link or is that just for sponsorships? Thanks!
  7. mikehaden

    Getting your channel whitelisted

    Hello, I am a music producer and at this moment I have 3 remixes uploaded on my youtube channel which are all included in the ContentID system and they are claimed by their copyright holder, in this case, 3 different record labels. I have been thinking to send an email to the record labels...
  8. Alvarez Gaming

    Overall ChannelFeedback

    Hello everybody my name is Josh and I just started up a YouTube about gaming. I've been posting videos for a few months now and I cant seem to grow in subscribers or views. I feel like I put a lot of effort into my videos, thumbnails and quality, but who doesn't feel that way. I would very much...
  9. MrDXZ

    Facebook Logo Rules and Regulations

    Ok, so I went to go download the Facebook logo to put in my videos. Well, they want you to specify the reason and two of them are "Online" and "Film & Broadcasting". I know clicking online would be necessary but when I clicked film and broadcasting, it wanted me to ask for permission and give...
  10. PseudoExon

    Nintendo making Hybrids?!! {Game News}

    So this is my third installment of 5 Minute Platform highlights. This is a series I am making where I cover big stories around gaming platforms and companies in a matter of 5 minutes. In this video I talk about Nintendo hitting their 30 year anniversary. Playstation making a VR set, and a new...