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  1. MedTerms

    Watermarks Work

    From the standpoint of earning subscribers, watermarks are really working for me. Thanks to 504RoadTrips' suggestion of adding a "subscribe" button to the watermark, we've seen a sharp increase in the rate that subscribers are being added. It took many edits to get the graphics just right, but...
  2. Mark Stise

    Changing my video style to see if it attract more subscribers

    Changing my video style to see if it attract more subscribers Hello: My channel seems to be growing at a rather slow rate. I figured after 3 years and nearly 250 videos I would be a lot further along then just 500 Subscribers. So I taking a page for one of my friends and I'm going to try...
  3. CDOD

    Help on growing yt channel

    Please guys, if anyone has any idea of how to expand (grow in subs and views) can you please tell me. Any tricks to help me out will be appreciated. If you wanted to be helpful and check my channel and give me specific answers that would really be appreciated!
  4. SeanFace101

    Does The Sub Count Increase Instantly After A Sub?

    When someone subscribes to my channel, does the sub count on my channel increase by 1 as soon as it happens? or Is there a delay after the person subscribes till the counter increases? :P
  5. AntonioErnesto

    Slowly Growing Your Channel

    So my channel isn't huge by any means, BUT in the last 2 months I've gone from 30 subscribers to over 100. I was able to achieve this by connecting with other youtubers and seeking collaborations. My biggest tip would to not be a spammer commenting "Hey, come check me out." Comment on related...
  6. Aïcha

    Running into a little problem

    Hey guys, I am youtuber, you can say somewhat not new(4months) It's been quite hard for me to increase the number of my viewers/subs I've no clue as to why ...Can ye please help me out a bit and give me feedback on what to improve and things like that? Many thanks in advance YouTube channel ...
  7. Shehzad

    Tips For Let's Plays To Increase Viewers

    I've been doing Let's Plays for a while now from Skyrim, Fallout 4, Gmod and The Forest. Now they've been hit and miss for me but I'm leaving some helpful tips to help you grow that viewer base a little bit more. Just a reminder if you have started a youtube recently I highly don't recommend...