inactive subscribers

  1. VRONA

    What Could Have Made My Channel Die?

    So I've been working away hard at my channel for 4 years now, and with small successes here and there in the past, but in general, it hasn't been doing well. There is no viewer interaction, no active subscribers, no sharing of videos, only about 10 views per video, and no likes/dislikes. So what...
  2. VRONA

    How To Get More Viewer Interaction on a Dead Channel?

    I understand the chances a pretty slim as my channel can be considered "dead" due to it having only around 15 views per video after 4 years despite constant uploads, but I would like to try and improve viewer interaction a bit more. So how can I do that with such low statistics? Even when I ask...
  3. VRONA

    How Can I Revive My Channel?

    With only 146 subscribers and around 15 views per video and around 2 comments a month, meaning most/all my subscribers are inactive, and all of that after 4 years of working away on the channel, isn't that great of a sign. I even stream all my livestreams to 3 different places all at once...
  4. VRONA

    Do Inactive Subscribers Matter?

    So with only 15 views per video and around 2 comments a month with 146 subscribers, it's pretty clear most/all of them are inactive. So what can I do about it? Plus does it really matter, esspecially while a channel is as small and unsuccsesful as mine?
  5. wasabiroots

    Because people are talking about "inactive subs"

    Lets compare the percentages you get from subscribed and not subscribed of the total views in lifetime and/or the last 28 days. To see how active your subs are and figure out the norm around here. (You don't need to show how many views you have, just the percentage. You can if you want but its...
  6. iVariety

    Inactive Subscribers + View Count Share!

    Hello All! I've recently noticed that 99% of my views on my channel comes from non-subscribers as well as I only average about 30-40 views a video. I currently have about 400 subscribers, but I was wondering why my spread of views is so high. Is there anyway to fix this share of views and...