1. Jevan Simmons


    These are a few methods and ways I detox my body. Follow Me and my Family! ►Subscribe - ►Instagram - ►Facebook -
  2. Jevan Simmons

    How to: Gain Muscle - Eating Healthy

    These are a few tips I go by to achieve those lean muscle gains. Enjoy! Make Sure you Like, Subscribe and leave a comment. ►Subscribe - ►Instagram - ►Facebook -...
  3. Jevan Simmons

    5 min Chest Workout: At Home pushups-Follow Along

    5 min Chest Workout: At Home pushups Follow along with me as we do a home pushup workout for the chest! Takes less than 5 minutes!! Please Like, Share, subscribe, and leave a comment!! Follow Me and my Family! ►Subscribe –
  4. T

    I finally want to start, but how? Equipment, Settings ect

    Hi Everyone :) My name is Tim, and I would like to finally start my YouTube Channel. I´d like to make a lifestyle channel, healthy cooking, urban gardening and things like that. Mostly, my videos will be in my kitchen. The kitchen is wide and I have a lot of space to move, it is at the...
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers - 10 Tips For Growing a YouTube Channel -

    10 Tips For Growing a YouTube Channel - How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers Getting 10K Subscribers on YouTube and getting more YouTube subs may seem impossible but all it requires is a little hard work, it can be done! This article will outline my tips and tricks for gaining YouTube...

    Common Errors Gaming Channels Make

    I discovered what I have been doing wrong with my gaming channel. Maybe what I have discovered will help you out. When it comes to gaming, we have a lot of competition to compete with and what we need to do is perfect our content and make it irresistible. Watch my video below and find out how I...
  7. V

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on certain makeup look

    any one looking for a collab with a makeup look. I am doing it for exposure of my account. Let me know if interested
  8. Sladee

    I don't know what I did wrong.

    So I uploaded a new video on my channel and I was experimenting with the style of content I wanted to upload. I had a video out where I just recorded some GTA Gameplay and I was very Vulgar, which people seemed to like, but it made me feel really guilty resorting to harsh words inorder to get...
  9. Jawad Soomro

    Photoshop Tutorial: Chocolate texture

    It's time to create some creamy chocolate texture for chocolate advertisement. Presenting you "DELIGHTS", a chocolate that can make you Live Your Life Everyday. Radial blur and emboss effects were used to create creamy chocolate layers. Chocolate wrapper was made using Shape tools. Enjoy the...
  10. JayPlays

    How to download videos from Youtube to Your Computer (Easy Way)

    Hey guys, here is a simple tutorial on how to download videos from Youtube to your computer!!
  11. creationsbys

    How to Make a Cobra "Ripped Jeans" Paracord Survival Bracelet (DIY)

    Hi there! We like to connect things,especially when it comes to paracord. This time we are presenting our"Paracord Ripped Jeans Bracelet" Choose the color of your own,and the bracelet is unlimited source of creativity. Don't throw your old and ripper Yeans,because you can wear them in other way...
  12. creationsbys

    Make the Diamonds Paracord Bracelet-Adjustable Mad Max Style

    We love to work with Diamond knot,so this time presenting another version of Bracelet. Diamond Cobra with MadMax adjustable system. :) Creationsbys on Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest...
  13. creationsbys

    How to;Frienship Diamond mad max style Paracord Bracelet

    This time we present you tutorial;How to create simple frienship Bracelet.Our version featuring 3 diamond knots and also sliding sistem as in mad max style.Bracelet can be wear just simple as it is,but also avaiable for an upgrade (our next tutorial) Learn how to make a Diamond Knot Frienship...
  14. creationsbys

    DIY/Paracord Bracelet "Ocean Waves#

    Hello everyone, we present you tutorial of;How to create "Ocean Waves"Paracord bracelet. It's the first one of it's kind,because there is no such type of weaving pattern.
  15. creationsbys

    How to;Ocean Waves Bracelet

    Hello everyone, we present you tutorial of;How to create "Ocean Waves"Paracord bracelet. It's the first one of it's kind,because there is no such type of weaving pattern.
  16. M

    How to play Pikmin

    Don't ask why. Easter egg at 0:47 seconds.
  17. Rolz

    A program other than PS

    Whatsup guys! So I found a cool alternative to Adobe' Photoshop for those of you that are looking for an easier program to use/whatever your reason. It's also free to download! It's called Gimp! It's quite user friendly whilst still having quite an extensive range of tools/effects. In my latest...
  18. Lavinia Lahrese

    5 Ways to Save Money Today

    What do you guys think of my first shot at using a green screen? Do you know of a way to record better green screen video using an iPhone?
  19. Blair Thompson

    Other COLLAB!

    Hey Guys! I'm looking to collab with Youtubers with 300 subscribers or more. Male or Female it doesn't matter. My channel is based off my interests so there's videos from DIYs to fashion hauls. If you're interested in collabing message me:) Hoping to hear from some of you soon!
  20. abhinavguptaonline

    How To Rap

  21. Josh100LuBu

    How I Escaped School

    Video explaining how I managed to escape the rat race and discover a better life.
  22. A

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on any beauty or DIY?

    Hey I'm looking to collab with anyone i would love if they had a lot of subscribers so they could help me out! It could be about whatever beauty Or diy video you want such as clothing makeup and ect. I don't mind the age really because I'm 13 but you are willing to collar i would really love it...
  23. Sifoutv Pottery

    How to make a clay collander on pottery wheel

    Thats my last video guys.If you like share it with your friends.
  24. joeline

    Where to find the watch later button on the new youtube interface

    Hey guys, check out my video on where to find the watch later button on the new youtube interface
  25. Shendijiro

    Where to post threads.

    Here is a small guide for when you’re confuse on were to post your thread. YTTALK COMMUNITY ~ News and Announcements This is where the staff will post the news and announcements related to YTtalk. Only they are allowed to post here. ~ Site Support and Suggestions This is the place where you...